recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Monday, March 28, 2016

Shetland paintings, oil, cold wax workshops, Spring update

 Sumburgh cam, (Shetland) February, 
oil and cold wax, 8x10in, copyright Jan Yates 2016

I was surprised to see how many people still check in since I rarely post on this site. I really do appreciate the interest and feel somewhat guilty. I don't write as much as I used to which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just a shift.

 Sumburgh cliff cam(Shetland), March
oil and cold wax, 9x12in, copyright Jan Yates  2016

 If you'd  like to keep up with current works, classes etc, I DO post on facebook and can be found below.

 Mirrie dancers (Shetland), March
oil on canvas, 8x10in, oil and cold wax, copyright Jan Yates 2016

 As you can see, I have been making work...

 Shetland 22, January
 oil and cold wax, 10x20in
copyright Jan Yates 2016

Below is a 'peerie' update from my seasonal newsletter that is featured in it's entirety on my website here.

new work: Niagara & Shetland

Sumburgh cam1 (Shetland)
oil & cold wax on canvas
8x10in, copyright Jan yates 2016

I’m finally feeling connected between the parallel worlds of Niagara and Shetland, falling into a rhythm of making work in response to the different lands. The searching is constant, thank goodness. Work intersects but will not be as one and I like that. The ‘making’ process has now opened up an overlapping dialogue in the physicality of application - the tools I use for the Shetland seas are being applied to the escarpment trees. There are few trees in Shetland- Niagara has no seas…

I will be going back to Shetland for a June residency, this time in a lighthouse perched way up on a cliff—I’m excited!

Upcoming classes

I've met and worked with inspiring and talented workshop participants this winter and am thankful as it is the students that stimulate my creative energy -I hope I've enhanced thier own creative verve.

Just posted are  Spring workshops in oil, encaustic, cold wax and open studio classes. I'm in the midst of scheduling plein air and direct-encounter making workshop dates, so please stay tuned!

In the meantime you can keep up with current happenings by following me here on facebook or connect with me via email at

Anne's sheep
 encaustic on found panel, 6x12in, photo courtesy of Anne Macdonald, copyright Jan Yates 2016

thanks again for stopping by-and Happy Spring!


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Niagara Icewine Festival

The Niagara icewine Festival is happening very soon. A true Icewine can only be made from grapes that have naturally frozen on the vine -hand-picked when the thermometer dips to -8° C or lower. Often this is done at night as timing is crucial.

The festival, with live music (Whitehorse YAY!), food and of course wine will be held in Jordan Village next weekend. Our gallery (The Jordan Art Gallery) is in the village right beside Cave Spring cellars. Come in and warm up-I will also have a few available Niagara Vineyard paintings on display including this one.

January, Remains of the Day (-8)
 oil on canvas, 12x12in
 copyright Jan Yates 2016

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I finally took the time to photograph the whole of this painting-(rather than the snippets I've been sharing). I'm happy with it as it seems to culminate my time in Shetland.

Pending funding I have been invited back to Shetland for another residency-more to follow.

 Shetland 21 (a day with Anne & Mike)
oil/ cold wax on canvas
copyright Jan Yates 2016

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Niagara Plein Air paintings

Thought I'd share some plein air paintings made in Niagara over the past few months....

I have been accepted for an international residency in 2016 and in order to raise funds for the journey, all paintings here are offered for half of the listed price: ie if you see a painting for 300, it is yours for 150.

oil & cold wax on canvas
8x10in 2015

December, remains of the day
oil & cold wax on canvas

the more things change
oil & cold wax on canvas
14x16in, 2015

oil & cold wax on canvas
9x12in, 2015

oil and  cold wax on canvas

oil and cold wax on canvas
9x12in, 2015

oil and cold wax on canvas 12x12in, 2015

October, remains of the day,
oil & cold wax on canvas

oil and cold wax on canvas 9x12in,2015

it's all right to fall
oil and cold wax on canvas, 8x10in

after rain
oil on canvas
16x20in, 2015

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cold wax workshops resumed

Yes I have disappeared from blog world. A house move and other projects have put the brakes on making, but after the life shifts are sifting in, they seem to be making their way into the work..

I also made a conscious decision NOT to take up extra time that could be used to make art so I've had to pick my battles. My current work is posted on facebook so if you would like to keep up with it, please 'like' my page, which can be found here.

I really do appreciate all who take a moment out of their busy lives to peruse my work and when it connects with even one of you than I am happy.

In the meantime I am still working with cold wax and oil and have just resumed teaching in these mediums. Info can be found here.

November, oil & cold wax on canvas, 9x12in
 copyright Jan Yates 2015, available

Friday, August 28, 2015

plein air, June

I am behind on this blog. This is a plein air painting made in June on the Niagara Escarpment

'Little June'
oil on canvas
copyright Jan Yates, 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shetland art residency update

in progress: St. Ninian's, Shetland
in progress: Sumburgh Head, Shetland
This body of work is new and I will be delving into it throughout the year-probably much longer. The series is evolving out of a recent (April 2015) residency in the Shetland Islands, of which I thank the Ontario Arts Council and those of you supporting me by purchasing paintings via the 'Wild in Shetland' crowd-funder. Those paintings were all made looking out to the sea, listening to the laughing gulls and lapping waves and breathing in the heady sea air-some were supervised by a seal.

in progress; St. Ninians

in progress: Scalloway walk 1

Since my return, beeswax (encaustic) has given me the freedom to preserve forever the things that have found me on the Shetland walks.

The plein air paintings below were made especially for the caring individuals who sponsored me via the 'Wild in Shetland' crowd-funder






above works now sold

Esheness: sold

Fare Well, oil and cold wax, 8x10in, private collection

all images and content copyright to Jan Yates, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015

upcoming painting workshop

Plein Air Painting
on the Niagara Escarpment
(a UNESCO Biosphere reserve)

presented by the Grimsby Public Art

Paint the summer golds and greens in fields, orchards and vineyards in this painters' paradise. For those preferring structures, there are barns, fences and wonderful fallen down sheds for inspiration. 

You will receive individual guidance in the media and subject matter of your choice. We will address personal challenges, goals, approach and technique on an ongoing basis.

Through 4 sessions, there will be lots of time to immerse yourself in making art. Painting outdoors improves your skills when working back in the studio. Learn about simplifying your pallet, working fast in the changing light, mark making/ brushwork and paint handling, as well as colour and value relationships.

Saturdays: July 25-August 12,  2015


4 Sessions

$45 Members/ $55 non-members

*Class Location:
Grimsby, ON
Tuesdays: July 21-August 11,  2015


4 Sessions

$45 Members/ $55 non-members

*Class Location:
Grimsby, ON

 $75 Members/$80 Non Members

register here

Friday, April 24, 2015

Shetland blog

 Some new posts and paintings about Shetland are on my other blog. To save me some time pasting them onto this one, I hope that you will just click here to see what I have been up to! Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Time Circles

Mirknen haps a rummelled broch 
on Houlland’s knowe, rowes hit 
in a twilt o lavendar: saft smored 
as a Danish Hjøllund a year ago. 
Da line o da prow is sib 
an da soonds on da tongue, but 
dis laand canna scoarn da forest, 
fat byres an grit rigs o coarn. 
Here hit’s a tooder o hedder 
an da mintiest flooers. Fae da broch 
da Wastside raiks aa aroond: 
Eid Voe spörs ta da nort, 
bi wast, a headicraa ta Burrafirt, 
ta Foula an Waas. Soothbye, 
a vire o voes at Sandsoond 
an Skeld - Skjáldr o da sagas. 
A year is come richt roond. 
I da simmir dim, sungaets, 
we mark da rim o da broch 
– time circles: walk da mairches 
o a twalmont gien. 

Christine De Luca
 from Wast wi da Valkyries (Lerwick: Shetland Library, 1997)